What lessons did the coronavirus leave for us?

Coronavírus and Business Lessons.

In 2020 the world received news that many in principle ignored. The arrival of the Coronavirus, with that came the isolation and paralysis of countries. Economies went into ruins and among all the negative effects, however, the coronavirus brought us many lessons.

In a few years there will be two types of companies, those that do online business and those that are out of business.

Bill Gates

When he wrote those words, he couldn’t imagine in his deepest wonder how much he would be right.

Many companies were forced to quickly adapt HomeOffice, many people began to see realities that were not possible before.

Companies have learned that HomeOffice is a viable option, that some sectors can work from home, avoiding traffic, reducing costs and other benefits that HomeOffice brings.

The lessons that Coronavirus brings also include the fact that many companies have left until later or did not see the benefits of having a website.

In 2020 many companies discovered that Bill Gates had long ago said. That the company that does not adapt to the internet is bound to fail.

Isolation also came to force people who had previously been prejudiced against distance learning. Which is also something that grows more and more each year.

Lições Coronavírus

Certainly one of the businesses that did most well was the virtual stores, delivery service, Stream, many businesses that invested in virtual stores in addition to gaining a totally new and lasting audience, also saw their sales go to the ceiling during the period of isolation, the that extended to loyal and long-lasting customers.

The importance of a good relationship with your customers and the work on your brand proved to be a differential for a business to remain alive. Many beauty salons, hotels, bakeries and others face the challenge of uncertain tomorrow. Thus, the sale of “Post Pandemic” packages was necessary for the survival of the business, and without a good relationship it would not be possible.

The reliability and relationship in a brand became a big difference between the life and death of a business.

I hope that you reader has learned the lessons that the coronavirus has brought and along with it the changes.

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